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Monday, October 31, 2005

Personal Training for Women in Atlanta, tipps and ideas

Weight Training for Women: Finding a personal trainer
Jeff Michaud is an Atlanta fitness trainer and tennis instructor who can help you lose weight, improve your strength and meet your personal fitness goals.
The personal trainer who offers weight training for women should structure their workout sessions for your needs. The weight training session should be structured for women in particular. Ask the fitness trainer if they are nationally certified.
During your first phone call to a potential fitness trainer they should be able to describe their workout briefly. You should also ask the fitness trainer if they have a good amount of experience working with women.
If you don't feel completely comfortable with the personal trainer, find another person. Trust your judgement. With these tips you should be able to find an experienced and competent trainer for weight training for women.

Let me give you my BioI've been working out playing tennis for more then 20 yrs, cert in both Tennis (USPTA) and personal training(AMFPT), working with clients for more then 10 yrs. I can and do go to apartment and Condo Gyms I have no affiliation with any local clubs like Golds or LA Fitness or Tennis Centers. I'm also a full service trainer, who concentrates on a overall body workout with a emphasis on aerobic conditioning. My rates are $45 for 1 person for a hour, $10 per each additional persons. This is my Full time job so my availablity it excellent. For tennis I'm available to for Lessons Clinics or even playing sessions
Thanks for your interest in my programs.Certified personal trainer and tennis instructoroffering a new service called Called Cardio-tennis:It involve a Ball machine, physcalexercise,in a fun group tennis environment, held at Frankie Allen Park in Buckhead behind 485 Pharr road off the bar district in Buckhead. The Cost for the Class will $15-$25 for the class depending on class size. For more info:, cardio tennis tab, please email contact info at, I'm keeping in contact with people via email,
I also do private and semi private sessions:Prices are $45 for the hour, $10 for each additionial persons for both the tennis and personal training.
If you don't hear from me, there is no class, if there are other times that you would like to do a class let me know.
If you can tell your friends Schedule Mon,tue, Weds, Th 8:00 Saturdays, 9:45 am or 11:00 am Please contact me for appointment and cancellations. Thanks againJeff Michaud, USPTA, AMFPT

TEL: 404-451-8872


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