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Friday, May 16, 2008

Is it a good idea to diet while working out, thoughts and strategy's

The answer to this question is actually multi-faceted. And here it is: yes and no, and maybe. The truth is, many people can effectively lose weight initially simply by reducing their daily calorie count. And cutting calories may allow an individual to continually lose weight for weeks or months until a desired weight level is reached.
For me in my persoanl training practice here in atlanta is really better to exercise more and eat smart, More veggies, less cookies, chips and soda.

But, for many individual's, particularly those whose weight loss goals border on the ambitious, cutting food intake and daily calories may not be enough to rearch a desired goal.

This is because the body has a very annoying habit of adusting its metabolism to match energy expenditure against energy intake. In other words, if you eat less, your metabolism may slow down. On a very basic level, this allows human beings to survive longer when food resources are scarce. However, in a modern world that includes dieting, this fact of human biology can significantly impair one's ability to shed pounds.

For this reason, many, if not most, dieters will find it beneficial to integrate a regimen of physical activity into their overall dieting plan. In doing so, they can establish a more optimal environment for weight loss by creating a daily need for additional calories by exercising ie wieght training, running, tennis etc, while actually consuming more calories.

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At 8:51 AM, Blogger cheyennejack said...

Stupid body being all smart and adjusting metabolism with food intake.

Really good point though and one people should keep in mind, including myself. I lost the most weight on a 6000calorie/day diet, but then again all I was doing was mainly working out too.

Balance is the key I guess.


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