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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Raquet ball rules and customes, raquet sports Atlanta

Hello Atlanta Tennis and Fitness group, I have started to do some playing racquetball with my clients, Here are the basic Rules of raquet ball. Great do when the weather is bad or you just need a change from tennis or hitting the gym.
The serve is started from any place within the service zone, with the exception of certain drive serves (see "Drive Service Zones" below). Stepping on, but not over, the lines is permitted. The server may not step over the short line until the ball passes the short line.
The player begins the service motion with any continuous movement which results in the ball being served. The ball must be bounced and hit before it bounces twice.
The drive serve lines are three feet from each side wall in the service box. The player may drive serve between the body and the nearest side wall only if the player starts and remains outside of the 3-foot drive service zone, and the racquet does not break the plane of the zone while making contact with the ball. The drive serve zones aren't observed for crosscourt drive serves, the hard-Z, soft-Z, lob or half-lob serves.
Points are scored only by the serving side. Losing the serve is called a sideout in singles. In doubles, when the first server loses the serve it is called a "hand-out" or "half-out" and when the second server loses the serve it is then a sideout.
A match is won by the first side winning two games. The first two games of a match are played to 15 points. If each side wins one game, a tiebreaker game is played to 11 points. It is NOT required that a player "win by two" points.

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