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Friday, February 01, 2008

Atlanta Gyms and workout centers, thoughts and insights from the Atlanta personal trainer

The city of Atlanta has many great choices for working out and physcal training, of course you have the Chains, Bally's Total Fitness, Crunch Fitness and LA Fitness. These offer multiple locations for convenience both around town and across the country, make sure the plan you pick offer the opportunity to use other clubs. Sometimes you'll have to pay extra, you have to way out if you'll travel enough to make up the cost worthwhile. In my experience if you tell them your a member just at another club sometimes they'll let you work out for free, others charge $5 to $10. Another advantage of a larger chain club is that unusually you'll have the best and most state of the art equipment. Larger clubs will unusually offer more programs because of there size and may even have better hours.Some clubs even have deals with local merchants for things like discounts on meals and travel, check with the club to find out.
Atlanta also has many smaller non chain health clubs such as Urban Body fitness, Jeans Body Tech and the Boot Camp Gym at Ansley mall. These clubs will tend to give more individualized attention and the staffs tend to stay around longer. One other advantage is that you can unusually get to the owner or decision maker more quickly if you have a problem.One other advantage of a non chain fitness center is certain programs, non of the Chains offer tennis, were as clubs like Northease Athletic Club or the Concourse Athletic Club offer not only tennis but also things like tennis instruction, Cardio tennis, tennis round robins etc.
One tip I always recommend no matter what rout you pick is to get a week or two pass to check the club out at various times of the day, just to check and make sure that it will work with your needs. One other tip I would recommend is bill your membership to your credit card and not your debit card for 2 reasons, I find that if you need to cancel or end your membership if they bill you for additional time, I've had better luck dealing with credit card company's in a dispute then with the bank. Also on a credit card alot of times you can if your in a program like American Express can mile on your card.
I will doing tips on a on going basis to help you get the most out of Gym experience.
Jeff Michaud is a full service personal trainer and tennis instructor in Atlanta GA 404.451.8872,I can go to your or have facilities available
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