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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tennis Serve: Tips and tricks of the proper tennis serve

Tennis Serve: Tips and tricks of the proper serve
Stand side on to the court, hold the ball between thumb and first two finger tips and toss the ball a little higher then the high point that you can hold your racquet up to. On the toss I tell my clients to picture the your self as the Statue on Liberty and toss the ball at the highest point that you can hold up your toss hand up to and release the ball like you might let go of a small bird.
One thing to watch out for is not to stretch to far and simply toss the ball about 8-10 inches in front of your front foot. For the Right handed tennis player picture a giant clock in the sky and toss the ball at 1:00 or off the right post for both the Duce or the AD side of the court. For the lefty tennis player just the opposite, toss the ball at left post or at a giant clock, this time 11:00. I like to finish my tennis server like a Football quarterback where again for the Righty the right foot should follow the right arm over finishing into the tennis court.

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