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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Health Insurance for the self employed, For Fitness pro's like me

Hello Atlanta fitness group, Normally I talk about fitness and tennis, this article is more about taking care of yourself and your money when it comes to your health insurance. Especially for self employed people like me health and fitness and tennis pro"s can be difficult to find health insurance. My Friend and now my Health insurance person has some things to think about when buying health inusurance. When individuals go shopping for health insurance, it’s important that they realize they can have more buying power when they get a plan that is customized to their needs and budget. For example, coverage requirements for individuals and families can differ significantly from those of a small business or someone who is self-employed. It’s also important for consumers to consider that personalized health insurance doesn't just help you stay healthy – it can also help protect you financially That’s why I offer both Basic Coverage and Catastrophic Coverage plans –each with a wide range of benefit options. I help my clients identify and assess their needs and create a personalized plan that fits them. If you have questions about insurance coverage or would like a health insurance quote, please call Diana Luykx at (404) 915-9595.

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