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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Running Partners, Running Coaches, run for distance or run for speed, Running Guides

Go running, jogging with Fitness with Jeff, even bring your dog, baby stroller, you run and I take care of rest. Great for the busy mom who has to many distractions and doesn’t want to have to get a baby sitter just to go running.

For the completive runner I can build running and jogging programs for you. Running for speed or distance, time, hill work, intervals, hurdles etc. I can build a workout program to assist with your running program as well. I’m available for private running sessions, group running and jogging practice and for team running sessions. For the Casual runner I can be your pace setter or pick a great place to run or jog or even just work. I'm a certified personal trainer, so I will know what those aches and pains are.

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