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Sunday, June 21, 2009

New exercise shoe, what they do, how the work and how to use

Hello Atlanta Fitness and Health Group I have found a very cool shoe: the shape up shoe, Here's how to get the most out of the Shape Up Shoes: full article on

Walk on the soft, flat platform under the front two-thirds of the shoe (focus on the flat part under the ball of your foot). Your heel will naturally come close to the floor, but do not put your weight into your heel. Stride normally into your next step.

When Standing:
Focus on the flat part of your Shape Up Shoes under the ball of your foot. Try not to put your weight in your toes or your heels. You want to keep your foot parallel to the ground just as if you were standing barefooted. It is ok however to rest on your heels for a good stretch or rock to your toes to engage your quads. 90% of the time you should concentrate on the true challenge, which is staying focused on the flat part of your Shape Up Shoes, under the ball of your foot, while keeping your toes pointing forward.
How They Work

When worn for at least 30 minutes a day, Shape Up Shoes are an effective fitness and weight-loss tool that allow you to tone and shape your body and shed unwanted pounds. Wearing the shoes while active encourages improved posture, a toned inner core and fantastically fit legs, abs and glutes.

The calorie-burning rate when wearing the sandal style is three times that of wearing ordinary shoes and two times that of wearing the boots and clogs.

Staying balanced while wearing the shoes requires the use of muscles not used otherwise in the legs, abs and glutes. These muscles are thus strengthened and toned significantly. The motion when walking is similar to that of balancing on a BOSU board in combination with using a Stairmaster.

The deep vein pumping action that occurs with every step taken can significantly reduce the onset of varicose and spider veins. Wearing the shoes can also diminish existing cellulite and prevent it from developing, and help ease lower back pain due to spinal compression, swelling in the arms and legs, and the discomfort of plantar fasciitis.

Shape Up Shoes work when you wear them for at least 30 minutes a day; it's as simple as that!

- Increase leg strength.
- Lengthen muscles.
- Help prevent injury.
- Ease pain from plantar fasciitis naturally.
- Greatly improve circulation in the legs and feet, reducing swelling.
- Cut exercise time in half.
- Help you burn calories and lose weight (with proper diet).
- Improve posture and lessen low back pain naturally.
- Greatly improve balance and inner core strength, improving back health.
- Create healthy looking lower extremities.
- Exercise your lower body while you are doing everyday activities.

hope this helps and you enjoy! take care

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